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Our Help includes

Court advice for child access & divorce.

We provide court and family proceedings advice for those fathers who are in existing court procedures or are about to start and application

Sharia Courts or Court proceedings

We can provide guidance based on Shariah to ensure any proceedings are carried out with an Islamic ethos, with a compassionate and amicable conclusion inshallah

Emotional & Mental health support

We can provide emotional support through our qualified team who are ready to assist you in your mental well-being.

Divorce & separation trauma

We can help you deal with the untenable trauma and test fathers face when they have to endure their children out of their lives and all the trials that come with it.

Rebuilding your Life

We can provide advice and tips on how to start rebuilding your life so you can move on with a new mindset and approach to your traumatic past.

Join the Fathers Brotherhood

We are here for you to provide a comforting service with compassion and empathy, we understand your pain. You are not alone.

We are here for you


“Without doubt the believers are brothers of one another so then make peace and harmony between your brothers and have consciousness of Allah so that maybe He will show you mercy.” Quran (49:10)

The Prophet said, “Do not deny your fathers (i.e. claim to be the sons of persons other than your fathers), and whoever denies his father, is charged with disbelief.” Sahih al-Bukhari

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