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Account Name: Muslim Fathers Court Support Account
Sort Code: 40-28-06
Account Number: 05165091
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There is a unspoken pandemic, Muslim fathers are having to fight via courts to get access to their children. We are the only support group who helps reunite Muslim fathers back with their children!

Donations will help us:

  • Provide Counselling service / Support helpline
  • Raise awareness campaigns
  • Provide fathers guidance with what options they have with our experts
  • Filling in application forms for fathers (saving brothers hundreds of pounds)
  • With Political engagement
  • In Marriage Mediation services
  • Deliver Workshops for young men & women in parenting, pre-marriage, post marriage & more

Our Philosophy

To treat each and every fathers case with care and precision. We appreciate that every case is unique in it’s own context so we take each situation seriously with attention to detail.

Our Principle

We want to stop oppression full stop. whether it’s for fathers or mothers. No child should be deprived of any parent. Our job is to ensure the best interest of the children is taken care of.

Key Of Success

We want to stand up for the truth and justice. We want to stop the oppressions within our community where the children lose out. Our approach is child eccentric and focused. Our intention is to please Allah alone. 


Why Fathers Choose Us?

We are not money driven, our motivation is to get Fathers back with their kids. We have the passion and motivation to make each individual case successful. Our reward is by Allah. Thats not to say we offer everything for free. We do charge accordingly, but you will find it is a fraction of the price compared to an average solicitor or barrister.

We don’t treat any father like a number, we have a brilliant support group for advice, brotherhood that is growing each day. We genuinely empathise with every father goin through this trial of being treated unjustly and wrongly oppressed. We are here for you…you are not alone!